The Hidden Messages in Water

Water Crystal JoyDr. Masuru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, has a queer obsession. He spends hours on end, freezing drops of water in petri-dishes, in a special walk-in refrigerator which is temperature controlled at -5 degrees Celsius. Then he painstakingly photographs snowflake like crystals that only emerge in the melting ice drops for about 20 to 30 seconds, just as the temperature begins to rise.  During that tiny time window offered to Science, the Universe reveals some of the most fundamental and profound truths that spiritual leaders, philosophers and self-help gurus have taught us since time immemorial. These truths offer deep insights into our relationship with the planet, and how we often take for granted the simple gifts of Nature.

What then is water telling us? Incredible as it may sound, Dr. Emoto’s research as shown in the New York bestseller “The Hidden Messages in Water” shows us that water stores information, responds to “words,” to sounds, to feelings and even to events. From a quantum physics viewpoint, all of matter, every single atom in our body and in the cosmos, is vibrating at a particular frequency. Water is simply “listening” to that frequency and mirroring it. Water is simply reflecting what we are saying, thinking, writing and feeling.

Some of the most amazing and beautiful crystals appear when words such as “love,” and “thank you,” are shown to water, as written words emit a vibrational frequency as much as spoken words.  Complex and complete crystals emerge from natural spring water, water from shrines and water exposed to classical music.

In contrast, crystals fail to form in tap water which is usually chlorinated, in dammed or polluted water, as well as water that is subjected to heavy metal music.  Distorted crystals emerge when water is exposed to electromagnetic radiation from TVs, computers, mobile phones or before an earthquake or even a man-made catastrophe such as 9/11. If you microwave water, the crystal that emerges is similar to the one formed when water is shown the word “Satan.”

The way water crystals form and change depending on the words shown to it, reflect our very attitude to water itself and the rest of what Nature gives us. We drink it, cook and bathe with it, and use it to dump what comes out of our factories and homes and fields, and yet we spend most of our lives without as much as giving it a second thought. Perhaps it is because we lack gratitude for water that we treat it the way we like, by chlorinating it, damming it, stagnating it and muddying it with toxic effluents. What we get then, is a lifeless, crystal-less medium reflecting the dullness of our minds and souls. Water and Nature itself expresses this in such an eloquent way.

The beauty of water crystals amazingly reflect the fundamental principles of the universe, the healing powers of “love” and “gratitude.” Water blossoms when we spread love. Water rejoices when we say “thank you.” How vitally important it is to say “thank you” to those we meet and greet- our family, our friends, our neighbours, and to say “thank you” to all the wonderful things and events in one’s life, many of which we often take for granted. How important it is to sit at the dinner table with our children or family members to partake of food with a feeling of gratitude for the blessings of the earth and for each other’s company. We are almost nearly water as 70% of our bodies comprises of it.  As we and the food we take in are mostly water, how beautifully we can change the crystals in the water within us and in others.

In another experiment with three bottles of cooked rice, positive words were uttered everyday for a few days to the first, negative ones to the second and the third bottle was left unattended. Which rice do you think rotted first? You could try this simple experiment at home with your children.

Whilst the first got positive energy and the second got negative energy, at least some energy was being given to the latter. The last bottle which was ignored rotted first, because neglect is worse than negative energy. What a powerful lesson this is for those of us with children, for we need to give them our love and attention, as their minds will verily rot if left neglected and ignored.

Perhaps it is really obvious that water, as the most invaluable of Nature’s gifts to the planet should be a medium for what the Universe is telling us. Water is showing us how to live our lives, how to heal ourselves, how to heal the planet and bring peace and harmony in our minds and souls and in our society. In Dr. Emoto’s words,” Our emotions and feelings have an effect on the world moment by moment. Each one has a magical ability to change the world. All you must do is make a simple choice: Are you going to choose a world of love and gratitude, or a tortured world filled with discontent and impoverishment?”

I’m not capable of commenting whether Dr. Emoto’s research has the rigour and objectivity to convince the scientific community, but the results that he shows us are universal principles, in that we can change the world around us by changing our thoughts, words and feelings.  I can’t but agree with his conclusions,” We have an important mission: To make water clean again, and to create a world that is easy and healthy to live in. In order to accomplish our mission, we must make sure our hearts are clear and unpolluted.”

I know that I haven’t been able look at water the same way again… when I sip it from a glass, or let it run between my fingers from a tap, or catch the raindrops, or think of all the springs, rivers, lakes and oceans that sustain life …I can’t but help saying a huge “thank you” in my mind.

An EcoWALK “thank you” for stopping by…..and giving me the opportunity of conveying this beautiful message.


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3 Comments for “The Hidden Messages in Water”

  1. Vreshin Nagarajan

    True. We all live in a world marked by terror and violence. Do we really need a world with no water to live by as well? ” Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.” We are slowly but surely moving towards a drier word, and if e do not care for not just ourselves but our future generations, I’m sorry but we are, as the term goes “GONERS”.

    Insightful as it may seem, there is an underlying message and those who read this can clearly grasp this message. Really liked the “bottle of cooked rice” experiment. I’ve read about the same being done with plants whee one is put ina room with rock musicand the other ina room of classical music and to quote you “Which plant do you think rotted first?” Surprisingly, the “classical” plant failed to rot even with a lack of water supply!! Have you read the latest”TRAPPED from the Chronicles yet?
    Naga Jr.

  2. So it makes sense that plants liked being talked to and listening to well, the right kind of music! (I had touched upon this in my previous blogpost).

    I agree with you that the world can do with a lot less terror and violence, and a lot more of love and gratitude…and of course, we desperately need a future of clean, abundant water to meet the growing demands of a burgeoning population. We often treat water like there’s no tomorrow.

    Thanks for writing in. What’s the “Trapped from the Chronicles” about?

  3. Hi Bhavani – Just an amazing insight to share – there are subtle units of intelligence concentrated in all organic molecules. In this case the subatomic particles that make Hydrogen & oxygen. They are the ones that respond to those emotions & thoughts. It’s not the word ‘satan’ itself that makes any difference but the vibrations associated with it. let’s christen these units of life as “Microvita”. They are my subject matter of research & I intend to solve some of their mysteries concerning our well-being in my mailing list “microvita superhealth”:)

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