Cancer Cured and Prevented Naturally

The book cover

The book cover

Today was the book launch of Betty L. Khoo Kingsley’s revised edition of “Cancer Cured & Prevented Naturally” at Singapore.

I had picked up the book a few months ago out of curiosity as I wanted to get some general information about how to strengthen one’s immune system. After all, cancer is really one’s immune system gone haywire. Though I believe my family and I lead a happy and healthy life, I wanted to know how to manage my family’s diet and exercise for even better results, and deal with common stresses and ailments in a natural way.

I was in for a wonderful surprise, as this book was really a treasure trove of information on all the various natural healing approaches available for cancer, which literally anyone can apply for living a healthy and holistic life. It is also an inspirational account of many cancer survivors, including those who have emerged successfully from the point of no return in terms of conventional chemotherapy and drugs. For those with cancer, this is a fantastic source of information and hope.

Betty L. Khoo Kingsley

Betty L. Khoo Kingsley

As a passionate naturalist, Betty touched upon the important ideas and philosophies behind her book.

Environmental pollution is one of the root causes of cancers in humans, especially with the presence of synthetic toxins and chemicals in our air, water and soils. Healing the Earth and healing the body are two sides of the same coin. As many alternative medicine practitioners say, “ The way ahead is preventive medicine,and preventive medicine begins in the Soil, Water and Atmosphere.”

Cancer is a complex disease and it’s much cheaper and easier to prevent it than cure it. This is why the book is so important.  Having said that, many of the cancer survivors in the book show that it is possible to heal it in a holistic, natural, safe and cheap way with this three pronged approach:

Betty with Adam Khoo

Betty with Adam Khoo

Right thoughts are required to eliminate negativity, hatred, fear, anger from our thinking to bring in positivity, love and forgiveness. Right thoughts also mean taking absolute responsibility for one’s healing, to collapse limiting beliefs and commit to self-help strategies. Sickness begins in the mind. Healing also begins in the mind.

As Betty’s son, Adam Khoo (who is better known as the youngest Singaporean entrepreneur to become a millionaire as well as a renowned author of  books such as “Master Your Mind, Design your Destiny,” “I am Gifted, So are You” and several popular self help books), says in the introduction of the book, he has seen “numerous cases of amazing recoveries, all because the person was able to get into an empowering state of mind.” 

Right Moves are the right forms of exercises, like walking in Nature, ocean swimming, Yoga and Qi Gong. Qi Gong (pronounced ch’i kung)  is particularly developed in the area of cancer treatment. It is the spiritual dimension of Chinese martial arts. Qi refers the breath or energy within the body. This form of exercise involve methods of accumulating, circulating, and working with the breath.

Right Diet refers to “living” foods, essentially vegan food, made without the use of harmful pesticides and chemical fertilisers, either by organic farming or biodynamic farming methods. Diet also includes various detox plans which includes juices and raw foods. The book discusses a fascinating range of philosophies and diets developed by various “Bioneers” like Max Gerson, Dr.Rudolf Steiner, Percy Weston, Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan,Dr. Mohamed Ishak and others. Pure water is also an important component of healing.

Some cancer survivors gave inspirational and moving accounts of their recovery from cancer:

Juraimi with Mdm Jaria

Juraimi with Mdm Jaria

Mdm Jaria, a former police woman had advanced lung cancer. At the age of 80, she went through chemotherapy only to find it not effective. Her son Juraimi had learnt about the Bruess Cancer cure from Dr. Ignatiious Augustin, a Malaysian holistic doctor. While Mdm Jaria was waiting for her next specialist’s appointment 1 ½ month later, Juraimi put his mother on the Bruess diet, cut out transfats, meats and other unhealthy processed foods, and asked her to take lots of fruits and vegetables. When they met the specialist, the cancer had shrunk. Though later the cancer relapsed due to certain stresses, Mdm Jariah is now back to health, and the cancer has stopped growing. As she told the audience, “I feel like dancing everyday!” 

Julia Gabriel

Julia Gabriel

Julia Gabriel,the founder of Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning, a very popular drama school in Singapore recounted how cancer became a turning point in her life as she learnt to cut off the stresses she was not empowered to tackle. Betty’s book led her to Gawler foundation’s 10 day program for cancer healing in Australia. Through a change in mindset, diet, mindfulness meditation and exercise, she was able to heal herself.

Linda Chan

Linda Chan


Linda Chan rejected chemotherapy treatments as she saw both her 19 and 28 year old nieces succumb to cancer and lose their lives despite conventional treatments. Linda claims the mammogram actually caused her cancer, as she developed cancer a few months after her mammogram. She came to know of Kampung Senang (described below). And she was able to cure herself through the right diet changes.  As she said “Living foods healed me, not drugs

James Low

James Low

I would particularly like to mention the wonderful work done in Singapore by “Kampung Senang,” a holistic support group for cancer patients and families, founded by James and Joyce Low. They have an organic farm in Tampines which actually provides baskets of organic vegetables to cancer patients. In addition, Kampung Senang Holistic Lifestyle Centre have a healing centre at Al Junied (Blk 106, Aljunied Cresent, #101-205, Tel: (65) 67498509 & 6742 6627) with various talks and programmes done for the benefit of cancer patients and the general public. Everyone is welcome to visit either the farm (you could even volunteer to lend a helping hand) or buy organic edible products at the Aljunied Centre (in fact, I find the prices there to be the most reasonable amongst all organic shops in Singapore). Fresh organic produce from the Tampines farm is available for purchase at the Centre on Saturday mornings. I’ve tried the food at the Centre- all vegan, organic and prepared by loving hands at the Eco-friendly Kampung Senang kitchen.

The book has ample references to various books on biodynamic farming and holistic healing approaches. It also contains a useful resource section on retreats, detox centres, organic farms, healing coaches, mind body trainers, yoga and Qi Gong practioners and naturopaths in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

I’m really glad to say that I have been able to pass this wonderful to book to those most in need of it, patients suffering from various stages of cancer. And through this note, I hope this book will offer a ray of hope to those who have either lost it all, or are looking for a different way not only to cope with their ailment, but also to come out of it healthier, stronger and happier.

Betty L. Khoo’s book, Cancer Prevented and Cured Naturally is available in Kinokuniya, Popular and at Kampung Senang in Singapore. It will be made available in the coming weeks in Borders and Times, Singapore and MPH in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The book is also available at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd (10, Hoe Chiang Road , #01-01 Keppel Towers, Singapore 089315 Tel: (65)62740105) where Adam Khoo also conducts his mind empowering courses.


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2 Comments for “Cancer Cured and Prevented Naturally”

  1. Betty L Khoo-Kingsley

    Dear Bhavani

    Thank you so much for helping to spread the Message of HOPE + importance of EMPOWERMENT

    in dealing with life’s challenges. Also in highlighting how our abuse of Planet Earth has led

    us to this sorry state re our Health + our Planet’s health….and the way forward

    to health and healing for all….human health, animal health + Planetary health.

    with LOVE + Gratitude

    Betty L Khoo-Kingsley

  2. Thanks for this great article, Bhavani. I will go to the Al Junied Center next week itself.

    Keep up the great work you are doing.


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