Part 2: BLOG ACTION DAY Individuals as Social Media Change Agents

We have seen in Part 1 of this blog covering how social media is being used for climate change activism. Climate Change is the most significant threat that humanity has ever faced.We as individuals play an important role in spreading the message of Climate Change in our social networks, both online and offline, and in influencing world leaders in reaching a “fair and binding” commitment at the Copenhagen COP15 talks (December 7-18th 2009).

Can individuals really make a difference using social media?  As I mentioned in the earlier blog, by the interactive nature of social media, along with the ease with which we can spread messages instantly to a large group of people, individuals have the power to lead and inspire the kind of large scale impact that would have been unthinkable even a few years ago. Here’s Seth Godin’s thought provoking video.


How can individuals become social media change agents to spread awareness and resources for your cause? The links I’ll be covering will mostly relate to Climate Change.

 1. Join the various campaigns of 350.org , tcktcktck, Avaaz.org, Greenpeace International, 1Sky, Energy Action Coalition, Earthhour.org, Oxfam.org.uk

2.  Make a youtube video: Look at the impact “The most terrifying video” made!

 2. Share links, videos with others on social media. Here are the main campaign videos on YouTube that you’d find handy to share: Here are 10 top climate change videos to share:

  3. Sign petitions and invite others to join in. There are several petition sites like Care2.org , Petitionsite.org, Avaaz.org  and Hopenhagen  

 If you’re still not sure about the power of petitions, watch this Amnesty International Video

4. Follow some great social media sites with environment causes and topics. Here are 15 of them

5. Tweet about it. Follow some great environmental twitter sites.

6. Join Environment Groups on Facebook 

Remember to follow Eco WALK the Talk Fan Page to get information on environmental issues and action.

6. Tell the UN what you’ll miss most because of climate change.


Hope these have given you plenty of ideas on how to be social media change agent. Keep it going! Every link and share counts!


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