HOMA ‘Environmental’ Therapy: An Ancient Ayurvedic Science

Betty-Khoo Kingsley is an environmental activist based in Singapore, and is the author of the book, “Cancer Cured and Prevented Naturally“  She is creating an organic food garden at Tanjung Sutera Resort, Johor, Malaysia using permaculture and biodynamic farming principles.  She has arranged to invite Lee Ringma, a Homa Therapy practitioner from Australia to teach the ancient ayurvedic science at Tanjung Sutera between July 2nd to 4th, 2010.  Scientific studies have shown this therapy boosts plant productivity, and the ash from the fire can also be used as a natural fertiliser and pesticide.

Details of the event are as follows: 

PERSONAL + PLANETARY HEALING with HOMA ‘ENVIRONMENTAL’ Therapy –an ancient Ayurvedic Science

Taught by Volunteer & Organic Farmer Lee Ringma from Australia

Weekend: Fri 2 – Sun 4 July or Sat / Sun 3-4 July 2010

At ocean-facing Tanjung Sutera Resort (Johor, Malaysia)

Humanity and Nature are suffering the effects of Global Warming/Climate Change. We are facing super-bugs, droughts, crop failures, overwhelming pollution and sicknesses.

To overcome these challenges, the ancient Ayurvedic Science of Homa Therapy & Agnihotra is being taught, and applied all over the world by urbanites and villagers, by organic gardeners & farmers.

Ayurveda receives U.N. recognition as one of the most comprehensive health systems in the world. Now we have a chance to experience and learn this simple age-old remedy in nature’s lap.

Homa Therapy from Ayurveda, says Lee Ringma, is gifting to the World a comprehensive organic farming system called Homa Organic Farming. This is showing remarkable results worldwide, producing high quality and quantity crops, as well as remedying diseases in crops and livestock.

Lee Rigma

Homa Therapy is a 10 min daily practice called Agnihotra. A small healing fire is lit in an inverted copper pyramid at sunrise and sunset. It can be performed anywhere: in one’s home, balcony or garden or farm.

Its effectiveness is derived from a combo of the ancient technology of pyramid power, resonance and the special planetary biorhythms called sunrise and sunset. Wherever Agnihotra is done, a flood of micro-nutrients and life force stream down into the environment, purifying atmosphere, people, animals, plants, soil and water over a 3/4 km diameter.

This environmental ‘therapy’ is healing the minds and bodies of people in many countries. It is healing people with Cancer. It is transforming crops infested with disease into healthy and nutritious plants. See Homatherapy.org for more information.



Homa Therapy is always taught free-of-charge by trained volunteers as it is the need of the hour to empower people to bring their environment back into a healthy, functioning condition and, thus themselves, their families, their communities, their farms.  Lee Ringma is the co-founder and director of Homa Therapy Australia (with her husband Fritz). She is being sponsored on her second Malaysian workshop-tour by the Homa Therapy group practitioners of Malaysia.

NB: There will be a donation box at the workshop to cover costs etc. And if you wish to contribute to the cause of spreading Homa Therapy and the building of Homa Refuges worldwide. Agnihotra kits, books and healing tools also available for purchase .

Highlights !

* Agnihotra healing on the quartz-crystal beach/Meditating by lily ponds
* Hands-on Agnihotra workshop * Videos/Powerpoint Presentations on Homa Organic Farming
* Rose Healing Circle…Guided Meditation to send healing to troubled spots all over the world + demo of healing tools.
* Walking the challenging Dinosaur Trail (2 kms),
* Qigong or Yoga – breathe in ion-laden sea breezes.
* Night walk to Kampung Sedili Besar – at mouth of Sungei Sedili Besar
Delicious, Light + Energising Fresh Vegan Meals -Tropical Salads/Veg From Tanjung Sutera’s own Organic kitchen-garden, fresh coconuts + local seasonal fruits; healing teas, soups, + root vegies. Organic brown-rice, condiments & tea + coffee.

How to Get There: Check the Tanjung Sutera resort website for map. Tanjung Sutera is on the East Coast of Johor, south of Mersing, beside Sungei Sedili Besar. It is a 2 ½ hour drive from Johor Bharu (40 mins from Kota Tingii) and about 5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur.  

COST of HOMA Experience Packages for Accomodation + All Meals  

1.Weekender Fri 2 – Sun 4 – Cost: Accom + All Meals in Chalets, two in a room, air-con, shower/toilet attached.

From Singapore – S$ 175/- per person. From Malaysia – RM 345/- per person.
For Transport in Mini Bus from Singapore (Newton carpark) add S$45 return
(Bus transport can also be arranged from KL + JB)

2.    Saturday Night/Sun from Lunch-Sat to Lunch-Sun
Accom + Meals only: S$ 95/- or RM 205/-
For transport in mini-bus add $45 per person
Saturday Only – Agnihotra Sunset. Lunch + Dinner –S$/- 45 or RM 80/- per person

Mini bus departures from Singapore: from Newton Carpark Friday 2.30 pm (arrive about 5.30 pm) + 7.30 pm (arriving about 10.30 pm) Sat: 7.30 am BOOKINGS A MUST (Restricted to 40 paxs for overnite stays)

Contact Facilitator: Betty L Khoo-Kingsley, Hon Consultant Biodynamic Gardener/Author of Cancer Cured & Prevented Naturally.   

Please email booking/enquiries to Betty Lau Khoo-Kingsley. Please give Your name, H/P  number+ email and which option you are booking – If booking for more than one person, please give all details of that person(s). * Battybooo@gmail.com or SMS               65 96489531         65 96489531


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2. Rays of Hope:

Farmers in India are committing mass suicides due to the condition of the land. Today this has become an international crisis. A positive outlook and the will to go on is fast decreasing amongst this life support system of the Indian agricultural economy.

“Rays of Hope” is a short film, by Mary Lee Weir, documenting a group of organic farmers in South India, who have taken a unique, positive step toward self sustainability, by uniting together to cover 200 acres of land. In this area these Christian Farmers are to become self-sufficient in food and medicine using an Ancient Vedic Technique for healing the atmosphere, called Agnihotra.



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