Songs on Climate Change

Asha Edmund is an award winning Singaporean singer and composer, steadily making a name in the international dance music scene. Earlier she shared with us some of her favourite Songs For the Environment. She’s back with a bang against the backdrop of the Climate Change talks at COP16 in Cancun, Mexico, with her choice of songs and videos that touch upon this urgent crisis.


by Asha Edmund

Gaia’s colours will change and her evolution will never cease. If we choose to separate ourselves from her natural cadence, we lose, not her. There are those who will argue that her troubles such as Global Warming are not real and it is hard for the layman to recognize the truth because of the conflicting reports. One thing I know for sure is that the truth always stirs within us. The profiteers have nothing to do with our personal relationship with it.

Jill Soluble

The way I live is to listen and watch myself and how I function in relation to everything around me. That is my truth. When science fails to tug at my heartstrings, songs often unravel the knottiness and do the job nicely. As you think about your spirit, conscience and life, you will know if you have given this matter enough thought and maybe, these videos will in some small way, pilot your course.


Miss Sobule’s tongue-in-cheek approach isn’t just for laughs. None of us want to see flies that are the size of our heads or experience an over-heated, premature summer in January in Manhattan or Tokyo.


The infamous blue men are right at addressing the world’s Superpower as she has our full attention. One would presume that disseminating the information thereafter, would not be too trying.

3) CLIMATE CHANGE SONG “The Shadows” –  Sandel

A 21 year old songwriter pours out her angst in response to what she considers the greatest environmental threat of our age.

I NEED TO WAKE UP –  Melissa Etheridge

A cancer survivor, soldier for the gay community and recent divorcee, Melissa Etheridge has braved many battles. It is no surprise then that she would sing about our planetary woes having already established herself as a fighter of sorts.


If aliens are watching us they’ll give this place a miss and keep it from their children hoping ignorance is bliss” – funny lyrics that give us an idea as to what some of our Eastern-European friends think about the climatic mood.


Todd is certainly right, we cannot live at the bottom of the ocean. At least, not yet. So, where can we go if ever earth becomes uninhabitable?


When George Harrison wrote this song in 1969, he wasn’t thinking about Global Warming. Still, it can be matched to any type of trouble. It steps of out the cautionary line-up to remind us that the sun will rise and give us another day to try again. Here’s to Gaia.

8 )

This mega teen’s jet-setting lifestyle, large performances, limousines and access to excess, would leave anyone suspicious about her green concerns. However, hope must never be second to doubt. Her video is a commendable step even if the subject is only understood on a superficial level.


With a Radio Music Award (DJ’s CHOICE – ‘Best Local Act’), Compass Award(‘Top Local Pop Song’ for her song, ‘Dorian Bay’), recording contract with CreAsian Records and multiple radio hits under her belt, Asha Edmund was recognised as one of Singapore’s Top Ten Talents in the Arts Magazine.  Asha’s third single is slated for release in December this year. Her fourth album will see her taking her experiences and observations as a vegan and humanitarian straight to the clubs. – “Believe it or not, the best place to move people is on the dancefloor”. Her songs are available for purchase here.  She may be contacted through her MySpace orYouTube pages.


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6 Comments for “Songs on Climate Change”

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  3. Another way to die by Disturbed. Chorus is: still, we ravage the world that we love and the millions cry out to be saved, our endless maniacal appetite, left us with another way to die.
    YouTube it. It’s a very good song and one of the more aggressive. Parts of the lyrics include “species fall before our very eyes, a world that they can not survive in” another part says “glaciers melt as we pollute the skies” and “greed and hunger led to our demise, a path I can’t believe we folllowed”.
    Disturbed also did a song about the holocaust, as the lead singer is a proud member of the Jewish faith. Best climate change song around.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion, Ted. Have added the link here for readers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsYVHZFukzc

  5. Idioteque by radiohead is another good song, but it’s more about the apocalpse caused by pollution, about the panic of the people. Still another good song but probably a slightly different topic though. And your welcome

  6. The video itself to another way to die has some powerful scenes and an image of a bleak future where, everyone except for UN troops are scavengers and are starving. Images of oil extraction, power plants, fishing, waste etc. It’s very horrible to know that this is actually happening and I wouldn’t be suprised, if in about ten years we will all be scavaging and scouring for, before, easily obtainable things like food and fresh water. I suppose we will then know how millions have already been living like for years. All I know is I hope we become extinct to save the planet for other animals.

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