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Eco WALK the Talk is a non-profit environmental website with an Asia focus. We cover eco news and insights, offer green living tips, and feature people who inspire with their environmental thoughts and action.  This is also a platform to feature important environmental causes and campaigns in the region.

The Mission:

To provide authentic, grassroots level information about environmental challenges and initiatives in Asia or impacting Asia with a view to inspiring people towards a cleaner, greener future.

About Us:

Eco WALK the Talk was founded in 2008 by Bhavani Prakash, who is an environmental activist based in Singapore.  She has a Masters in Financial Economics from University of London and a Diploma in Management from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India. The content of the website is from contributions by her and an excellent team of Guest Writers who are accomplished in their various fields, as well as articles from the public which are vetted before publication.


Over the next few years, we would like to gain more perspectives and opinions from different writers in the Asia region, and from the rest of the world, as well as reflect many of the grassroot level environmental initiatives. We wish to produce quality multimedia productions to educate and enable people to take action in their daily lives and in their communities.  If you would like to join our team, please write to bhavani[at]ecowalkthetalk.com

Social Media:

Eco WALK the Talk is very active on social media, as a way to spread environmental awareness, so do connect through Facebook Fan PageTwitterYouTubeLinkedIn & Slideshare

Content from this website has appeared in the following Singapore based newspapers/newsletters/websites:

Asia-Pacific Lohas.com
Kampung Senang Newsletter
Kranji Newsletter
The Good Paper
Tabla newspaper

VegVibe Newsletter
Vegetarian Society Singapore Newsletter
Singapore Daily
The Online Citizen

Globally, the articles have appeared on:

Making IT Magazine (UNIDO)
A Growing Culture (US Based)
The Hindu (quoted)

About the Founder:

Bhavani Prakash is a speaker, trainer and writer, and has given talks and conducted workshops on Sustainability and various environmental issues.

Recent Talks/Workshops include:

*National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Club : Why Become a Green Entrepreneur?”

* Singapore American School : “Social Media for Social Change”

* Republic Polytechnic, Singapore: Introduction of Sustainability/How to Green Your Home

* Social Change for Children (SOCH) exhibition:  Food additives/Non-Toxic Home Cleaners

* Indian Institute of Technology Alumni Association, Singapore : “Walking the Green Talk”  on Climate Change and Individual action

* AIESEC, Singapore (International Student organisation):  “Sustainability and Eco Leadership”

* Kampung Senang Charity Foundation, Singapore: “Food Choices and the Environment”

She has been profiled in the media including on:

The Business Times, The Straits Times (Singapore’s national Daily), Tabla! (Magazine for the Indian diaspora in Singapore), Home & Decor magazine, IMPACT 2010 Annual Brochure(Indian Institutes of Management Alumni Association Singapore) and  Radio 93.8FM Singapore.

Eco WALK the Talk featured on Business Times, 20th August 2011











Bhavani also writes frequently to the media on various issues:
Don’t cut a road across the green corridor (Straits Times 8 Mar 2011)
Better labelling of GM foods in Singapore necessary (June 16 2010)
Protect environment with tax on plastic bags (19 March 2008) 

She may be contacted at bhavani[at]ecowalkthetalk.com

Further connections:

Facebook Fan PageTwitterYouTubeLinkedInSlideshare

From the Founder:

Hi and thank you for visiting this website. I hope some of the things you’ll find in this space, will inspire you to take action, however big or small – by opening your minds, changing your thoughts, behaviour and consumption patterns in a way that will help make the world a better place. I’m sure you have lots to share and I look forward to hearing your constructive ideas and experiences for me to learn and help others in the process.

Ironically, it was while studying economics during my post-graduation, that I got one of the key turning points in my life and became deeply interested in issues concerning economics and the environment. I decided to give up a corporate career to raise my own awareness of environmental issues, and in the process sharing that knowledge, as well as enabling myself and others like you take action. This is how Eco WALK the Talk came about.

I get much inspiration from this quote from my first blog entry:

“Every day of life is a test. Do we actually “walk our talk?” Do we practice what we preach? Do we think about the footsteps we leave as we move through life? And, above all, do we have the courage to stand up for what we believe in when others laugh at us? Or when they threaten us? If we care, truly care, about the natural world, about the wellbeing of animals, then we must be prepared to face the challenges, both small and large, that come our way. We must stand up for our beliefs and, above all, put them to practice. We must not despair, but live with hope for the future.”

- JANE GOODALL in “The Ten Trusts”

Happy EcoWALKing!

Most warmly,

Bhavani Prakash



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