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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: Project Green Hands and Tree Planting in Tamil Nadu

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

By Bhavani Prakash It is a rare opportunity indeed to meet someone who deeply understands the connect between ourselves and the living planet, and is taking direct action in terms of mobilising people into planting millions of trees, whilst simultaneously giving the practical tools to profoundly change one’s own inner wellbeing. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder […]


September 1st, 2012 | Posted in Behaviour Change,Biodiversity,Climate Change,Climate Change,Communities and Governance,Sustainable Agriculture,Sustainable Agriculture | Read More »

Dr Tom Crompton: Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Values in Environmental Communication

Tom Crompton

By Bhavani Prakash Dr. Tom Crompton is a Change Strategist at World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) UK, and if you’re intrigued by his job description, suffice it to say he has been involved in some cutting-edge research on going to the heart of what should be the approach of communication campaigns – of environmental […]

May 28th, 2012 | Posted in Behaviour Change,Climate Change,Climate Change,Communities and Governance,Consumerism,Government Policy,Green Activism | Read More »

Wangari Maathai: The passing away of an environmental legend


By Bhavani Prakash “It is the people who must save the environment. It is the people who must make their leaders change. And we cannot be intimidated. So we must stand up for what we believe in.” -Wangari Maathai (April 1 1940 – 25 September 2011) It was with immense sadness that we heard of […]

September 26th, 2011 | Posted in Animations and Movies,Communities and Governance,Sustainable Development | Read More »

Pavan Sukhdev: What Is The World Worth?

Pavan Sukhdev

By Bhavani Prakash Pavan Sukhdev, unlike most economists, has a strong passion to make Nature count. He’s on an important mission to enable governments, businesses and communities incorporate a sense of the true worth of nature’s services which historically has been taken for free. Pavan Sukhdev is Special Adviser to UNEP’s green economy initiative and […]

June 7th, 2011 | Posted in Climate Change,Communities and Governance,Government Policy | Read More »

Shailendra Yashwant: Greenpeace in Southeast Asia

Greenpeace Ship Rainbow Warrior

by Bhavani Prakash Shailendra Yashwant is Campaign Director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia and founding member of the Greenpeace offices in India and Southeast Asia. The Southeast Asia office manages about 120 staff including campaigners and fund raisers. Based in Bangkok, Yashwant currently oversees a range of campaigns including climate change, renewable energy, forests, clean water […]

February 10th, 2011 | Posted in Climate Change,Communities and Governance,Sustainable Agriculture | Read More »

Bunker Roy: Barefoot College for rural upliftment

Barefoot college women Mauritania

by Sanjukta Basu Sanjit Roy, popularly known as “Bunker” (his childhood nickname), is the brains and inspiration behind Barefoot College, a path-breaking example of how education can be simplified and yet made relevant for economically deprived and socially backward sections of society. Barefoot College takes in illiterate or semi-illiterate men, women and children, often from remote […]

January 22nd, 2011 | Posted in Communities and Governance,Sustainable Manufacturing | Read More »

Elinor Ostrom: Helping People To Share Fairly

Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom

“The Tragedy of the Commons” was a term first introduced by Garrett Hardin in Science in 1968. He described how people acting independently and solely out of self interest are likely to overuse a common limited resource, leading to its eventual depletion -  even though this is against everyone’s long term interest. The theory helps […]

September 13th, 2010 | Posted in Communities and Governance | Read More »


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